A tub to shower conversion is the ideal solution to have an easy access shower. Our shower bases are available in the same size as your old bathtub or can be slightly wider in width. The walk-in threshold can be between 3” -5” in height and is also available in a barrier free shower base with no threshold, making it wheelchair accessible friendly to users.

Our unique shower wall panel systems are mold and mildew resistant, grout free and easy to clean.

They have the look of natural stone with over 20 colors available, and can be installed in as little as one day.

Seniors and people with limited mobility are more at risk of falling or slipping in the bathroom. This can result in broken bones or more serious injuries. Making changes to your bathroom helps lower the risk of falling with the use of Bathroom Safety Aids.

Safety grab bars and security poles along with non slip floor mats are a good way to help prevent falling in your bathroom.

Other accessories like raised toilet seats and toilet safety frames are also a great solution for people with limited mobility or reduced strength to access the toilet up and down more easily.

A Bathtub cutout conversion is a safe and easy way to enter and exit your bathtub safely, while greatly reducing the risk of slipping and falling while doing so.

Our Quick Tub system also gives you the convenience of having a bath or a walk-in shower by using a door cap that fits over the newly installed insert within seconds. This allows you to fill your tub as normal to enjoy a soak. A bathtub cutout is affordable and can be completed within one day.

Our walk-in bathtubs offer a stylish and accessible bathtub solution for your home.
Ideal for those wanting to sit, relax, and bathe, while feeling independent and safe.
We offer a variety of walk-in bathtub solutions to suit your needs and requirements.

Our tubs are therapeutic, feature rich and safe.