Bathtub Cut Out

The convenience of a bath or shower

Why Choose Our Bathtub Cut Out & Shower Conversion System?

Turns your existing tub into a walk in shower or you can slip the cap in and still take a bath!

  • Reduces the potential risk of slips or falls.
  • The choice and flexibility of a bath or shower
  • Helps seniors and people with mobility issues maintain their dignity.

 More flexible than fixed cap tubs

  • The removable cap is almost 24″ long which is 25%-50% longer then most fixed cap systems on the market meaning you have more room to move around.
  • Caregivers and/or family members will have space to help as they are needed.
  • Adds value to your home as a bath and shower conversion system will appeal to all potential home buyers.

Quick Tub saves you time and money

  • A typical bathtub to shower conversion can be completed in hours.
  • The cap is extremely easy to clean and maintain and can be stored away when not in use.
  • Alternatives can cost thousands of dollars more.
  • You may be eligible for a grant. Grants are available for Seniors through the RAMP Association of Alberta. Call 780-427-5760 for their head office in Edmonton for more details or visit this link to see if you are eligible. Alternatively you can always call us for more information.

The Bathtub Cutting & Bathtub To Shower Specialists


With over 20 years of combined experience in the bathroom renovation and remodelling industry you can trust us to finish the job right.

Incredibly Durable

Our Bath & Shower wall products are incredibly durable. So durable that we offer a lifetime warranty on them! Contact Us for full details

Quick Installation

Our fully qualified installers can often customise your bath on site with a minimal impact on your daily routine. That means no down time!

Easy Maintenance

Our Bath & Shower wall products are extremely easy to clean and they also resist mould, mildew and bacteria.