How much does it cost for the color grout sealing service to be carried out on my tiles?

This depends on the condition of your existing tiled area. If you have broken / damaged tiles that need to be replaced or if you had grout chipped or missing from the grout joints, then to have the repairs completed is an additional service as well as the grout recolor service. We recommend visiting your home for an assessment of your existing tiled area to give you a more accurate quotation for the work to be carried out.  Also,  you can always add photo’s of your existing tiled area along with a description of what your requirements are to our quote form and we may be able to give you a ballpark estimate for your project.

How soon can I walk on the tiled floor after the grout is sealed?

Usually it takes around 30 minutes for a clear penetrating sealer to soak into the grout joints and dry.  Colored grout sealers dry a lot quicker and may be stepped on approximately 20 minutes after installation.   Once the sealer is dry, the floors are ready to be used again as normal.  Both types of sealer require 48 hours to fully cure and harden, during this time the grout lines should not be exposed to any liquids.

What is colored grout sealer?

Colored grout sealer is a sealer that has color added to it. The color is consistent throughout and is applied over the top of your old grout lines once they are thoroughly cleaned before hand.
Once the grout recolor process is carried out, it can make your floor and walls look like new again.