Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Get the appearance of natural
stone at a great price! It can be installed in as little
as a day and is resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria!

Why Use Our Bathtub to Shower Conversion System?

Visual Stunning!
Looks like natural Stone

Quick Installation!
Completed within a day

Easy To Clean
& Maintain

Fully Customizable with many
styles and patterns available

Extremely Durable
Lifetime warranty
Contact Us for full details

Less expensive than natural stone
so saves you money!

Built To Last!

Our product is a unique, multi-layered composite material developed in the US to meet  the demand for a permanent, easy to maintain option to natural stone and marble for us e in a wet wall bathroom environment. The finish applicated has been sample from actual stone slabs to provide a flawless, high resolution reproduction of natural granites, marbles and travertines.  This system comes in a variety of styles and patterns and  can be installed extremely quickly meaning you start to get using your fantastic new shower right away!

Choose Your Colour!

Our system is available in a wide variety of realistic stone colours.
Whatever your taste we are sure to have a style that you will love! See our gallery below.

The Bathtub To Shower Specialists


With over 20 years of combined experience in the bathroom renovation and remodelling industry you can trust us to finish the job right.

Incredibly Durable

Our Bath & Shower wall products are incredibly durable. So durable that we offer a lifetime warranty on them! Contact Us for full details

Quick Installation

Our fully qualified installers can often customise your bath on site with a minimal impact on your daily routine. That means no down time!

Easy Maintenance

Our Bath & Shower wall products are extremely easy to clean and they also resist mould, mildew and bacteria.